Successful Fundraiser for Dolphin Rescue Foundation SCCN

Successful Fundraiser for Dolphin Rescue Foundation SCCN

Willemstad, September 30, 2011 – Today the Dolphin Rescue Fundraiser place. The Movies, Southern Caribbean Cetacean Network (SCCN), and Sea Aquarium Dolphin Academy have partnered to support the foundation and thus SCCN 3920 – Naf collected for charity.

The proceeds of the Dolphin Rescue Fundraiser will be fully donated to the foundation SCCN. The foundation will this Fundraiser Aruba and Bonaire can provide packages to stranded marine mammals to help. According SCCN it is essential that our neighboring islands have the knowledge and materials to solve stranded.

Dolphin Rescue Fundraiser
The Dolphin Rescue Fundraiser has consisted of an afternoon full of interesting activities. The guests took part in a Dolphin Touch & Kiss at Dolphin Academy and since then have seen the Dolphin show. The Movies, they have a movie about Sully pilot whale, which SCCN a few years ago experienced a similar experience as the boy in the film. Dolphins Coaches are taking questions from the audience answered. Then followed the premiere of the film Dolphin Tale 3D. Participants in the Dolphin Rescue Fundraiser can also set their encounter with the dolphins for a week found at:

The dolphin trainers and staff of The Movies have enjoyed this special afternoon for a good cause.

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