Bringing Sand to the Beach

Good evening from Curacao. We all know the saying “don’t bring sand to the beach?” Well, here in Curacao, it has a totally different meaning. This is Dutch today bringing sand to the beach and building what will be a new sandy beach for Royal Resorts five Star Hotel.

If you look in the background you can see how small the beach area has become from years of constant wave action and storms. There are very few natural, sandy beaches in Curacao, as this is a rocky island that is lined in limestone. So, if you want sand……you have to truck it in from the North coast (good luck with that), or dredge.  Over the last 20 years, Dutch has turned this entire Sea Aquarium area from Royal Resorts to Breezes, which all used to be a dump-site, into a family oriented beach and hotel area.

That takes a lot of sand. The sand here that Dutch is laying out on the beach today was dredged months ago from the Sea Aquarium area, then trucked to a nearby field where it was sifted and dried and then trucked back and laid out under the beautiful palm trees. Who would have known? Most tourists that come here think the sand is all natural but boy are they ever wrong and what they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?

I think Dutch told me they were bringing in 28 dump truck loads today for this beach alone. Once the sand is dumped it is then spread out by the man himself and then within days the sun will dry it and it will look like it was born there, cool huh?? So remember the next time your walking down the beach and leaving your “footsteps in the sand” and having a “Sand-sational time” especially here in Curacao you may want to stop by and say thanks to Dutch for all the hard work!

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