First practice runs bringing the Curasub on board the Chapman

Having made the trip to the Dioro dock at Parera on the back of a large transport truck, the mini submarine Curasub recently made its first ‘landing’ on the aft deck of the RV Chapman, the vessel that will exclusively serve as a sub tender to the Curasub while also being able to accommodate both scientists as well as tourists on future trips and expeditions.

The first practice runs of bringing the 6.5 ton Curasub on board, setting it on its own small ‘deck’ on the port side of the Chapman, subsequently putting the custom made docking platform with its specially designed undercarriage in the water and then lifting the Curasub into the docking platform, were led by Curasub owner Adriaan ‘Dutch’ Schrier and witnessed by his business partner Rudy Pizziolo. Also present were several visiting Dutch scientists and other Substation acquaintances and business associates.

The workings of the 110 ton knuckle boom Fassi crane, that by now has become an intrinsic part of the 127 feet long Chapman, were highly appreciated by all spectators present on the ship. The crane is capable of launching and retrieving both the submarine as well as the docking platform from the back deck. The submarine represents less than 50% of the lifting capacity of the crane.

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