American Airlines lanches New Air Routes to Curacao

American Airlines lanches New Air Routes to Curacao

Curacao, which is part of the ABC islands that also includes Aruba and Bonaire, is considered a hidden gem amongst all Caribbean island destinations, renowned for its diving, beaches and unique architecture. This historic island is already a popular destination for European travelers and its capital, Willemstad, is a UNESCO World Heritage City. That is why the government of Curacao realized that Investing in ‘Route Development’ and offering significant financial incentives; Curacao International Airport will attract many new airlines to include the island in their destinations. Hence, 2014 and the fist half of 2015 started off with positive news for both the local tourism industry and North American market, due to new air routes that are ready to carry frozen East Coasters to warmer climates.

That why, this time American Airlines is launching new routes across the Caribbean. The new flights include Charlotte-Curacao; Charlotte-Puerto Plata; Dallas-Punta Cana; Los Angeles-Montego Bay and Chicago-Punta Cana. The Charlotte and Dallas flights will begin on December 18 and 19 2015, respectively; the Los Angeles-Montego Bay flights will launch December 18 2015, and the Chicago-Punta Cana flights will launch December 19 2015.

“As the premier carrier to Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America with flights to 85 destinations, these additions highlight our commitment to provide our customers with a network that is second to none,” said Art Torno, American Airlines’ senior vice president for Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America.

 Curacao is a generously welcoming oasis, diverse in culture, cuisine and lifestyle. The astounding beaches, rugged beauty of a semi-arid climate and stunning scuba diving make Curacao the perfect place for a winter getaway, to rest, recharge and see some amazing dive sites.

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